LP-1521R Stretch Wrapper

LP-1521R Stretch Wrapper

Voltage: 1 phase,220/230/240V,50/60Hz

Turntable Size: 60 Inches

Wrapping Height: 83 Inches (Customizable)

Turntable Speed: 5-15 Rpms

Film Carriage Speed: 2-5 Meters Per Minute

Machine Frame: Painted Steel or 304 Stainless Steel

Film Size: 18-20 Inch

Pre-Stretch Style: Mechanical or Electromagnetic Brake or Powered Pre-Stretch

Loading Weight: 4,400 Lbs.

Machine Dimensions:L60x W106x H95 Inches


Optional Features

  • Auto Cut and Wipe Functionality
  • Automatic Height Detection
  • Soft Start and Stop Controls
  • Access Ramp
  • Integrated Scale
  • Forklift Compatible Turntable
  • Adjustable Top Press
Product Description

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