Bin Rental Near Me

You’ve decided to get rid of all that stuff in your garage, basement, and yard using a bin rental. But do you know that additional fees may occur in situations where the dumpster is over-filled or exceeds the recommended weight? The good news is that these extra fees are entirely avoidable if proper care is taken. In this post, we’ll explain how to keep your bin rental cost down.

Ways to Minimize Your Bin Rental Costs

While renting a dumpster is affordable, the costs can quickly add up. The tips below will ensure that you do not pay extra fees than you should for your rented dumpster.

  1. Get the Dumpster Size Right

Choosing the perfect dumpster size is the first step to avoiding dumpster overage fees. It is good to choose a dumpster that is bigger than your estimate for the debris you want to evacuate to avoid extra loading capacity. You could also be forced to pay additional charges for overage, or filling the dumpster beyond its recommended limit. For professional help, an experienced service provider such as Trash King – Dumpster Rentals & Bins can help you choose the perfect dumpster.

  1. Consider the Content of Your Waster

The weight of the waste or trash may be heavier than the weight of the dumpster container, even after getting the size right, and this could lead to overage fees. To manage weight, keep the container away from rainwater by sealing it because rainwater will make the contents in the dumpster heavier. Also, do not throw unnecessary things into the dumpster. Ensure that your waste doesn’t go beyond the dumpster fill line, as this can make it difficult for the hauler to lift the dumpster, and possibly escalating your bill.

  1. Give Out Items

Check if there are items that still hold some values before disposing to the bin. Try gifting those items to someone that will find them useful or donate them to charitable organizations. This can help eliminate the need to rent a big dumpster and reduce the number of disposable trash.

  1. Do Not Throw Prohibited Items

Some hazardous wastes are not allowed to be disposed of in dumpsters. Items that fall to this category include tires, car batteries, and wet paints. A customer service representative can go over the list of things that are not allowed in the dumpster when you contact them. Asking rental questions regarding prohibited items will save you money in the long run, as hazardous waste will require extra fees for proper disposal.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to avoid paying additional fees on your dumpster rental bill by doing a little planning up front. However, if you’re uncertain about a debris item, your waste weight limit, or any other aspect of the dumpster rental process, Contact Trash King – Dumpster Rentals & Bins. We have been helping lots of commercial premise operators and homeowners to evacuate their wastes on a timely basis. Give us a call now, and we will be right there to help you.

Bin Rental Near Me