Fully-Auto Random Carton Sealing Machine   Top and Side Belt Drive



  • Fully automatic adjust the width and height to meet different carton size. No need to adjust by hand.
  • New tapping head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight and in position for consistent sealing of every carton. This design is superior to previous blower devices.
  • Driven by top and tow side belts and the main mechanism use omni-bearing bracket. It provides higher precision, lower noise and also can prolong the machine’s life.
  • Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 55~65mm. (if need 70±5mm or 95±5mm, can be made by request)
  • PW-556A has a total of 4 drive belts, two side drive belts and two top drive belts. Three motors are supplied to drive belts. The machine has been designed for heavy cartons and can also seal tall-thin cartons.


  • Extension roller table.
  • Close type-Table roller or Extension roller table.
  • Auto stop device.
  • Safety fence.

Power Supply:  1 Ø 110V/220V(50/60Hz),   3 Ø 220V/380V/440V(50/60Hz),   Three motors, 555W

Sealing Speed:  20M/per min at 60Hz

Capacity:  400 Cartons per hr (60Hz)   (Carton L300xW300xH300 mm)

Tape Width:  2″ or 3″ (can also use 2″or 2.5″ tape with paper roll)

Shipping Size:  L1350xW980xH1344mm   (L53.1″xW38.6″xH52.9″)

N.W.:  210kgs, 462 (lbs)

G.W.:  260kgs, 572 (lbs)

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Product Description