LP-9X (DH)

Available Options:

  • Heavy Duty Top or Side Compression
  • Photo Cell Activation
  • “Z” Series Sealing Mechanism (totally non corrosive)

Warranty: Most comprehensive and flexible warranty offered by any strapping machine manufacturer in the world.

Product Description

The Landen LP-9X (DH) is the dual headed version of the industry leading LP-9X Stainless power strapping machine. Produced with dual sealing mechanisms, this unit is used primarily in meatpacking applications where speed and reliability are a must. By simply depressing the start button or foot switch, this unit will apply two (2) straps simultaneously thus doubling your production output. With a top cycle rate of over 80 straps per minute, the LP-9X(DH) is ideal in harsh environments where speed is crucial and Stainless is a must. By eliminating the use of solenoids and slip clutches, the LP-9X (DH) proves to be the most simplistic and maintenance free unit available in the world today. Electrically, the LP-9X(DH) uses state of the art IC Controls and does not utilize PLC's or motor starters for normal use. As an added benefit, the LP-9X(DH) gives you not only world class speed but also provides options which allow the operator to switch from one head to another. This feature allows production to continue in case of coil change or maintenance issues and virtually gives you an in-line spare unit. Contact the Landen sales department to hear why the worlds largest meatpackers use the LP-9X(DH).