• Easy strap feeding
  • Slim design to fit most conveyor lines and applications
  • Extended strap accumulator
  • Many arch sizes available
Machine dimensions 72.05” X 18.31” X 69.69”
Weight 617.30 lbs
Strap sizes Width: 9, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm
Thickness: 0.5 ~1.0 mm
Electric consumption 0.85 KVA
Power supply 1 PH – 110V/220V (50/60Hz)
3 PH – 220V/380V/400V/440V/480V (50/60Hz)
Package size 1.18”W X 3.94”H
Max. within inner arch size
Sealing point 27.17” high from floor

Warranty: Most comprehensive and flexible warranty offered by any strapping machine manufacturer in the world.

Product Description

The LP-9Yside seal incorporates the same reliable features as the LP-9, but because of its design, can easily be adapted to fit most conveyor systems. The TPS LP-9Y allows large cartons to be conveyorized and strapped as they pass through the machine thus eliminating unnecessary handling and costly hand strapping. Available in many different size arches, no package is too large or too small to be strapped by a LP-9Y. As in all LP-9 power strapping machines, only state of the art I.C. Boards and PLC’s are used to control the LP-9Y. The LP-9Y is available in standard green or special order stainless steel cabinets with standard controls, or can be wired for operator-less production.