• High Speed/High Tension Sealing Mechanism
  • Short Feed Detection
  • Box Indexing Detection
  • Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Construction
  • High Speed Arctic Gear Box
  • Under Body Splash Plate


  • Stainless Top Compression
  • Stainless Side Compression
  • Dual Head Configuration

Warranty: Most comprehensive and flexible warranty offered by any strapping machine manufacturer in the world.

Product Description

The LP-9X is the Stainless bottom seal version of the highly reliable LP-9 series. The LP-9X was developed specifically for meat packing applications where water and salt are found. The LP-9X incorporates one of the fastest sealing mechanisms offerd where tension and speed are demanded for closing various sized boxes of beef, pork, poultry or fish. The LP-9X continues a long legacy of Stainless equipment developed by Landen and is currently used by some of the largest meatpackers in the world. Affordable stainless and a highly reliable simplistic sealing mechanism is what makes the LP-9X the industry leader. Don't accept veneers, chrome plating or partial stainless when you can get solid 304 Stainless from the Landen LP-9X.