• High speed/high tension sealing mechanism
  • Short feed indicator
  • Multiple arch configurations
  • Available with auto-feed and package sensor
  • Oil-less power train mechanism
  • No solenoids or magnetic slip clutches
  • Solid state controls
  • Modular arch design


Warranty: Most comprehensive and flexible warranty offered by any strapping machine manufacturer in the world.

Product Description

The Landen LP-9 continues a long legacy of high performance strappers coming out of Landen R&D. Designed as perhaps the fastest high tension strapper on the market today, the LP-9 is suitable in any production setting where reliability, high speed and high tension are demanded. Available in 8mm, 9mm and 12mm strap sizes, the LP-9 sets a new standard in high performance strapping. Designed with a new revolutionary arch design, the LP-9 delivers an unprecedented rate of reliability and performance not found in other competitive models.