Standard Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

RB: PCB & Membrane SW control


T2: Electromagnetic brake type





  • Inverter controls speed of motor, allowing perfect speed adjustment
  • Carriage head and turntable driven by chain for durability and stability during machines’ operation
  • Auto or Manual mode / Soft start, stop for safety



  • Access ramp 
  • Wrapping height 2400mm, 2700mm
  • Turntable diameter: Ø1650mm, Ø1800mm
  • Film Carriage head type choices:  T , T1, T2 , PT, VPT, PF

Power 1 phase,220/230/240V,50/60Hz
Turntable Diameter 1500mm
Wrapping Height 2100mm
Turntable speed 5~15RPM (rotation per minute) (adjustable)
Film Carriage Speed 2~5 M/min (adjustable)
Loading Weight 2000kgs
Machine size L1510 x W2705 x H2421 mm


Product Description